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The Elders Circle

In traditional cultures a returning Vision Quester is given a welcoming celebration and supported to live a newly inspired role and identity within the tribe. Unfortunately in our contemporary society not everyone is blessed with this essential support system. Following your vision quest you will be invited to join our Elders Circle that was formed in 1995 to meet this need. Our circle is comprised of diverse individuals who have vision quested with us and who value the ongoing support and inspiration of sacred community.

The Elders Circle holds a creative, accepting and welcoming space. Deep, personal sharing and support, medicine wheel teachings, meditation, creative ceremony, seasonal celebrations, shamanic journey, dreamwork, and teaching stories are our tools for supporting ourselves and each other along the sacred way.

Many people who have vision quested with us over the years find that participation in the Elders Circle is a profound support for integrating a new life vision, nurturing spirituality, and cultivating a sacred relationship with Mother Earth.


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