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Our Vision Quests occur in places specifically chosen for their remoteness, beauty, and sacred power.

Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California is a unique desert environment offering magical rock formations and bursting with an abundance of desert life. During our Spring quests in Joshua Tree, the desert is in full bloom; tiny multicolored wildflowers carpet rocks and sandy washes. Flowering cactus and the flaming orange Ocotillo plant can be seen dotting the hills.

If you pay attention and walk with respect and awareness, you my come across Jackrabbit, Coyote, Bighorn sheep, Tortoise, a Gila Monster lizard, deer, raccoon, raven, Hawk, diamond back rattlesnake, and many other species unique to this area. Each animal encounter is a gift and carries a special message for you.

The evenings are often warm in the late Spring and the night sky is covered with thousands of twinkling stars so bright you can see your shadow by their light.

Mount Shasta in Northern California has been a sacred site for the indigenous peoples of the area for thousands of years. Today, people from all walks of life make a pilgrimage to see and to be in the presence of this majestic mountain. Rising over 14,000 feet high, the beauty and grandeur of Mt. Shasta can be seen from miles away.

Our Summer site on Mt. Shasta is nestled in open meadows dotted with silver fir, spruce and pine trees. The cone of the mountain looms directly in front of our base camp area, reminding us of the grand beauty of all things. Wildflowers are abundant. Deer, raccoon, coyote, golden squirrels, ravens, gray jays, woodpeckers, and hawks are some of the many animal friends we often encounter.

The White Mountains in Southeastern California lie directly east of the Sierra Nevada and form the eastern side of the Owens Valley. These ancient, sacred mountains are home to the Bristlecone Pines--some of the oldest living beings on earth. Some of them are reported to be over 4,000 years old!

Our late summer site is in a remote region of the White Mountains, dotted with Pinyon Pines, wildflowers and an abundance of wildlife. There are expansive views and at sunrise one can witness the fiery peach glow on the snowcapped Sierra across the valley.

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