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1. What makes your program unique from similar programs?

We are licensed professionals, healers, and experienced nature guides with over 30 yeears of experience who have a deep grounding in eastern and western spritual traditions, earth based ritual and ceremony, meditation, and life transitions counseling.

We bring humor, stories, music, spiritual and psychological depth, and creativity to our Vision Quest work. We know how to hold space in a nonjudgmental, encouraging manner and honor people from all backgrounds, beliefs, and cultures.

2. Are the guides Native Americans?

We are not Native Americans and do not pretend to be. We have learned a great deal from our Native American friends and teachers as well as many other teachers. Our work draws upon many wisdom traditions and helps people find their own truth without having to adopt a cultural belief system that is not part of who they are. Those who quest with us hear the voice of their own culture, their own ancestors.

3. Is strenuous hiking involved?

The furthest we walk into basecamp is 1 mile (Joshua Tree). Our site in the White Mountains allows us to drive right to basecamp. We have had people with bad backs and 70 year-olds join us. The distance that you walk to find your solo spot is up to you.

4. Does one need to be an experienced camper or backpacker?

No. We have had people join us with no camping experience. We will teach you everything you need to know about being out in the wilderness, including what you need to bring.

5. Where are the guides during the 3 day solo?

We remain at basecamp during your solo; holding space for you, protecting the area, and praying for you. We are always there in case there is an injury or any other emergencies.

6. Are there dangerous, wild animals where you go?

Most animals are shy and afraid of humans. We have never had anyone receive an injury from an animal. It is much safer to be out upon Mother Earth than walking in The City.

7. What if nothing happens and I do not receive a vision?

Visions come in many forms. Not all of them come as blazing lights and colorful, luminous scenes. Some are unexpected; deep insights, dreams, plant and animal encounters, silence, a shooting star, all can speak deeply to you and can be part of a new vision for your life. In all the years we have been guiding Vision Quests, no one has experienced "nothing happened".

8. What ages are appropriate for you Vision Quest?

Generally, ages 15 and up. However, if a teen under 15 is unusually mature we my accept them. Most of the people who join us are adults. We have had some people in their seventies.

9. Is fasting dangerous?

Fasting is an ancient purification practice that rids the body of toxins, opens the spiritual senses, and sensitizes one to their surroundings. It is not dangerous unless you have certain medical conditions. Most people can handle a 3 day water fast without any detrimental effects.

10. Who should go on a vision quest?

Anyone who is going through a transition in life and feels ready to let go of the past, connect with the earth, receive support and guidance, and open to a new, guiding vision.



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