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An experience of sacred time and renewal in the solitude of nature




To answer the call of the Vision Quest is to embark on a sacred journey into the depths of your inner Spirit and into the heart of Mother Earth. The power of the Vision Quest enables you to see your life clearly, to face fears, let go of the past and find a new guiding vision for your life. As a rite-of-passage the Vision Quest addresses the need to let go of outmoded ways of being and open to new beginnings.

For thousands of years different forms of the Vision Quest have been practiced by various tribal cultures throughout the world. In modern society we have forgotten our inherent need to honor important times of change and renew our lives. The Vision Quest Wilderness Passage offers you this valuable opportunity.

There are numerous reason why people embark on a Vision Quest. Among these are to mark a significant life passage, to heal and release past emotional wounds, to move through grief and loss, to celebrate the transition into marriage, to find work that has more fulfillment and meaning, to reconnect with the earth, and to discover a deeper meaning about your contribution to the community of all Life.




The Vision Quest Wilderness Passage is a week long experience. In depth preparation is followed by three days of solitude in a remote wilderness setting. Most of the places we go are to California desert or mountains. We also go to Sedona Arizona. The program includes:


  • A 65 page preparation manual.
  • An all day prep meeting held a week before leaving for the wilderness site.
  • A sweat lodge purification ceremony.
  • In depth individual and group support for focusing your intentions for the Quest.
  • Guidance in working with symbology, creating personal ritual and opening up directly to the wisdom of the wilderness.
  • Education in wilderness safety and respect.
  • A final onsite meeting to help deepen your understanding of your Vision Quest experience and to integrate your vision with everyday life.


2024 Vision Quests

Joshua Tree, California
April 22--28

Preparation Meeting April 15


Mount Shasta, California
July 20--26

Preparation Meeting July 13



To register or for more information call 

(650) 306-8188 



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