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Information & registration

The Vision Quest is a ceremony for connecting with the earth, the Great Spirit, and with the deepest and most sacred purpose of your life. As you fast upon Mother Earth, attuning to her silence and listening for the messages about your life reflected around you, the layers of civilization, of schedules, of anxiety fall away so that you can hear the voice of the Spirit of guidance. You receive insight, a vision, for how to let go of the past and live your life in a sacred way.

The Vision Quest Wilderness Passage is a week long experience in the wilderness which includes a 3 day solo. We help each quester prepare emotionally, symbolically, and spiritually for the quest in the group and individually, and use medicine wheel teachings, ritual, and earth meditation to help people reflect on where they are in their Life Journey and what they want to focus on during their time of solitude upon Mother Earth. We recommend that each quester fasts during the solo, drinking only water (unless there is a medical reason why you should not fast). This allows the body and mind to purify, opening up the spiritual senses. We also help you create ritual and ceremony relevant to your life situation which you will perform during your solo time.

On the morning that you leave for your vision quest spot, we perform a sunrise ceremony. Each quester leaves in silence, bringing with them just essential items for warmth and shelter. You go as lightly as possible. On the last sunset of your vision quest, you make a circle out of stones and sit inside of it, praying, singing, dancing, asking for guidance, watching the stars cross the sky as you stay up all night seeking vision and insight for your life and for your community.

When you return the next morning, we have a light breakfast together. Later on, we meet as a group and each quester tells their vision quest story. We work with each story and help you understand the meaning of your experience, what it says about your life, and how to bring it back to your everyday world.

We take a maximum of 10 people on our trips. There is a day long preparation meeting, usually one week before we leave for the wilderness, on an Ohlone Indian reservation in Hollister, CA which is 70 miles southeast of San Francisco. For those who live out of the area and cannot attend the preparation day, we will also have preparation time at the wilderness site.

We are both experienced healers and guides who weave together native earth teachings with ceremony, stories, meditation practices and Jungian depth psychology. We welcome people from all walks of life and present the Vision Quest as a universal rite-of-passage structure on which you place your own beliefs and spiritual understanding.

To Register

The cost is $1500 which includes all preparation, sweat lodge ceremony, teachings, and a 65 page manual. For those who cannot afford the full price we have a sliding scale from $1000 to $1500. We also have a limited number of scholarships available for those who cannot afford the sliding scale range.

When you are certain you want to participate, send a letter about yourself describing briefly something about who you are, where you are in your life journey right now, why you want to do a vision quest, what you hope to get out of it, and what is dying/wanting to be born in your life. Also, send a $300 deposit made out to Brian Winkler to hold your place.

The remainder of the balance is due 1 month before the preparation meeting. The deposit and balance are refundable up to one month before the Vision Quest at which point they are non-refundable unless the trip is canceled.

Upon receipt of your letter and deposit, we will send you the preparation manual and will stay in touch with you to help you prepare and to answer any questions. Feel free to call if you have any questions or you want more information. Send check and letter to:


Brian Winkler, Ph.D.

16615 Lark Ave. Suite 203 Los Gatos CA 95032

(650) 306-8188




A Vision Quest is a sacred undertaking and an experience that will be with you for a lifetime. If you feel called to do a Vision Quest we hope you can join us.



To watch an interview with the late Dr. Chayim Barton explaining the deep, sacred purpose of the Vision Quest Wilderrness Passage experience click on the link below.





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